Open Wonderland Resources#

Virtual World Events - Events that might be of interest to people in the Wonderland community.

Wonderland Education Projects

Wonderland-related Research Papers - Annotated Bibliography

Wonderland Videos

Server directory

Wonderland Wednesdays - developer-level seminars held in the Community Instance: Code-walkthroughs, etc.

Open Wonderland "Office Hours" - schedule of times when someone will be available on an Open Wonderland community server to answer either end user, system administration, or developer questions

Module contributions from the Community A list of projects (including source code) that have been contributed by community members.

Tutorials For End Users#

Learning the Basics of Open Wonderland

Tutorials For World Builders#

Building an Open Wonderland World From Scratch - How to start with an empty world and populate it with 2D and 3D content.

Creating and Importing Artwork for Non-Artists - Learn out to model a simple radio in Google SketchUp, import it into a Wonderland world, and add a capability to it.

Using Capabilities - How to use the default capabilities as well as the most common optional capabilities.

Creating Posters - Use the HTML Poster to create links to external sites as well as links to in-world Placemarks and other locations.

Moving Objects with EZMove - With the EZMove module installed, learn how to position and rotate objects.

Tutorials and Guides For System Administrators#

Server Administration Console Guide - Instructions on using the web-based Server Admin console accessible from the Wonderland launch page.

Connecting to the Telephone Network

Open Wonderland v0.5 Configuring Authentication

Setting up an Open Wonderland Server Behind a NAT or Firewall

Notes for a server configuration guide

Sysadmin Tips - Tips to admin your wonderland processes from the command line.

Tutorials and Guides For Developers#

Developing with NetBeans - How to set up Netbeans to develop Open Wonderland modules.

Open Wonderland Workspace Layout - A description of the Open Wonderland source code workspace.

Development tips and tricks - Tips and tricks to make development easier.

Sample HUD Tutorial - A tutorial on how to create a simple HUD and add it to the main menu.

The Developer's Guide to Open Wonderland - {Work in progress!} A summary of all resources for developers and how to start creating content and extending the toolkit.

Revisiting the 'Developing a New Cell' Tutorials - {Work in progress} A review of the 4 part tutorial Developing a New Cell by Jordan Slott.

jMonkeyEngine(jME) Resources - links to documentation and tutorials for those new to jME.

Sample Component Tutorial - {Work in progress!} A tutorial on how to create a simple module with component capabilities.

Communicating with external services - {work in progress} There are several ways in which Open Wonderland can send and receive information from outside of the world. Some of them are discussed in this article.

Using a database in a module - How to configure a Wonderland server to enable database access in modules on the server side.

Scripting and Robots 101 - {Work in progress!} An introduction to the Scripting component that Morris has developed, including working with NPCs/Bots.

Using Git and GitHub for collaborative Modules Development - {Work in progress} A summary on how to use git for source control, and github to collaborate on Modules Development.

jVoiceBridge Developer Guide - includes overview of the jVoiceBridge server plus technical details.

Open Wonderland Communications Architecture - A draft describing the Open Wonderland extensible communication architecture.

Ant Build System - {Work in progress!} An overview and reference of the open wonderland build system.

Troubleshooting and Testing#

Troubleshooting and Testing - Instructions for troubleshooting problems and setting up an environment to do testing.

Regression Test Scripts - Scripts to use for testing to make sure all the basic features of the system are still working.

Render Test Results - Results from Render Test on the community demo server.

How Tos and Tips#

Creating Backups - various strategies for backing up your Wonderland worlds

Remote desktops - accessing desktops or sessions on remote machines

EC2 - Deployment on Amazon

XMPPpresence - Just a place to talk about the ins-and-outs of this module

Groups Security Tips - Suggestion for configuring in-world content visibility based on security settings.

Glassfish Proxy Settings - How to get the Wonderland instance to startup quickly when behind a firewall.

EZScript Information and Examples - Information about the EZScript module along with sample scripts.

JagWire - Contains a library of EZScript commands and documentation.

Where Wonderland stores things

Ubuntu and Sun Java vs. OpenJDK

Audio Troubleshooting - How to diagnose problems with OWL audio

Troubleshooting Memory Problems - How to diagnose memory problems and change allocated memory

Adding New Avatar Animations - How to create new gestures for avatars

Community Meeting Notes#

Demo World - Notes from the Showcase World project

Distributed Meetings and Virtual Worlds

Education Training Brainstorming

Lighting Brainstorming

Default "Starter" World Brainstorming

"Affordance" - Move Objects Discussion

Developer Q&A

Text Chat Improvements Brainstorming - A series of ideas to make the text chat functionality more user friendly.

Wonderland Wednesday Project Ideas

Infrastructure Enhancement Ideas

Business Case for OWL Discussion Notes

Places to Publish OWL Event Announcements

P2PU Development Course Meeting Notes#

Weekly meetings#

Weekly Meeting 1, Feb 2011

Weekly Meeting 2, Feb 2011

Weekly Meeting 3, Feb 2011

Course Projects#

Ideas and Proposals for P2PU Course Projects

OWL Code-a-thons#

Code-a-thon Notes - Notes from planning meetings

Code-a-thon - October 14, 2012 - "Postcards from Wonderland" theme

Abhishek Test Page

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