This was originally a capture of the text from the stickynote cards from the Community PW server at Sunlabs.#

Feel free to add your own entry, and link it to a personal page.

Bob Potter#

Manages development of Java Web Applications - Agile development

Been working in software for 30 years.

Interested in Wonderland for collaborative planning and development

Dave Koelmeyer#

Senior IT Support Specialist at University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Michel DENIS#

30 years in the IT industry including DEC, Sun and HP Telecom. Now starting my own company, focused on enterprise virtual worlds. Located South of France.

Paco Alda#

Zaragoza, Espana

Profesor de Biologia en Bachillerato. Interesado en las posibilidades educativas de los mundos virtuales, en especial para la interacci?n y la cooperaci?n con objetos de aprendizaje

Matt Schmidt (

University of Missouri

  • Educational technologist
  • Virtual worlds for education research
  • Human computer interaction research
  • Current project: iSocial (

Maggie Leber#

Java architect and developer - working in software since late 1960s

Nicole Yankelovich#

  • Open Wonderland Foundation Executive Director
  • CEO, WonderBuilders
  • Project Wonderland lead at Sun
  • At Sun for 18 years
  • Whole career in research until leaving Sun in January 2010


Senior JavaEE Developer

Current side project includes an open source alternative to CA Wily Introscope that is built for developers and debuggin as opposed to production monitoring triage


I've been working with PW since 0.4 in an attempt to construct a virtual Network Operations Center for managing and monitoring servers. 0.5p3 provides an excellent foundation for my goals. Thank you for all the hard work in building project wonderland!

Ben / Shavnir#

Graduate Student at Ball State University, Muncie IN

Been working with WL since 0.4 with a focus on collaborative tools. Can't discuss too many of them without my bosses yelling at me.

Oh and I made that clickablelink thing :)

Ryan (Jagwire)#

Developer on iSocial project at University of Missouri. Claim to fame: Particle System component

Currently working on:

  • EZScript
  • Misc game elements
  • Wonderland Client Optimization
  • Usability


Westford, MA

Formerly, Manager of the Wonderland team.

Nigel (nsimpson)#

  • Telecommuting veteran, lives on an island near Seattle
  • Wonderland engineer responsible for UI, HUD, and collaborative apps (PDF, webcam, whiteboard, video, vnc etc.)
  • "I don't just develop it, I use it!"

Nina Nussbaum-Jones (a.k.a. nnjones) Nina#

Full time software engineer for Lockheed Martin, Moorestown, NJ

Part time Wonderland evangelist

  • Java developer
  • Web programming
  • JavaFX
  • IT background
  • Highly skilled at breaking everything I touch.
  • Today's thought: If it was truly "Point-and-click" that'd be fine. It's really "point-and-click-and-oops-I-dragged-it-and-I-didn't-mean-to-move-all-those-files-into-that-folder-oh-crap". After all, isn't the mouse there just to lure you away from your keyboard? Why doesn't anyone else see that????

José Domínguez (aka Josmas Flores)#

  • Software engineer for TCD, University of Dublin, Ireland.
  • Interested in educational research in third level computer science.
  • Blog
  • Source code

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